About Midea Products

Midea has been producing products since 1968, and since then has become a 23 billion dollar company.  The main focus of Midea is to produce home appliances and home air conditioners as well as commercial air conditioners.  Recently Midea has acquired Brands such as Eureka, Toshiba Appliances, Little Swan and Arctic King.

One of Midea’s strongpoints is the ability to produce product for other major brands, and still maintain a unique product portfolio and a loyal clientele globally. This process enables Midea to develop products that are more efficient, affordable, and world renowned for some of the most restrictive sales regions in the world. 

Recently, Midea has introduced air conditioners with DC inverters that possess Smart technology for the average home. In fact, these products are not only affordable but are priced comparably with inferior products in worldwide markets.  Midea invests in global research for consumer’s needs and preferences. 

Midea is accustomed to achieving high standards and awards for global product designs.  Annually, over 40 design awards are handed out to Midea on the world stage.  So you don’t sacrifice in design, functionality or reliability when you own Midea Products, you simply benefit as a consumer. 

With 2 to 10 year warranty’s in place for compressors, motors and most major servicing components, Midea takes the worry out of owning an appliance.  With the new small appliance line-ups, Midea makes it easier and more creative for the chef in your kitchen.